Information Is Not Enough

Over the years, and especially when I worked at a Christian bookstore, it was easy to be jaded by information about Jesus that people promised would lead to transformation. Continue reading Information Is Not Enough


Move forward

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about living in the present and not dwelling on the past or day-dreaming about the future too much, and I agree with them. However, I think there’s an interesting twist to living in the present

To live in the present means you always have to be steadily moving forward.

If you stick around too long in the present, you’ll end up in the past, and if you rush past the present, you’ll find yourself lost in the future.

Of course, living in the present doesn’t mean you can’t think about the past or plan for the future. You have to look back to see where you are, and you have to look forward to see where you’re going. But you always have to take a step forward. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Life’s like a treadmill, I once heard. You can’t remain the same, or else you’ll go back. You always have to press onward and run the race.