Bye Bye Social Media

The other day I deleted my Instagram and Twitter accounts. It was very refreshing. I never used them and it was about time I got rid of them. Continue reading Bye Bye Social Media


SAT: The Journey Begins

So I finally signed up to take the SAT.
Now I’ve never taken it before, but I just found out the three words behind the haunting acronym.




I was so relieved to hear those sweet words. From a distance, the test looked really mean, but now that I’m actually taking it soon, I’m somewhat at peace. I’m sure most kids freak out, but it’s all about the mindset. If I go in to it thinking its a monster, I’m gonna face a monster. If I think of it as a clever game the college board uses to confuse students like me, then it’ll be a blast. An adventure!

Now I just need to study for it.

(And of course, for the realists out there, I know SAT doesn’t actually stand for Super Awesome Test. I wish it did, though.)