There was leftover coffee

My sister’s on a trip this week with her Student Government. Apparently there’s some National Student Government Conference Thing (NSGCT) out in Colorado and her group was invited.  Coincidentally, there’s also a National Evil Organization Conference Thing (NEOCT) also in Colorado, so I have my suspicions as to what she’s really up to.  Continue reading There was leftover coffee


The Harvest is Plentiful

Imagine you have this desire in your heart, this longing. There’s this hope stirred inside of you—it defines you. Your whole life hinges on this desire, and not just for something to come, but for someone to come. Someone to fix all the brokenness. Someone to restore what was lost. You need this.

But you’re still waiting for it. Waiting, waiting, waiting.   Continue reading The Harvest is Plentiful

Quote of the Week

Jesus is just a story. But his story is true and he is real. His teachings were not simply well wishes or pleasant suggestions, but an invitation to complete transformation. Today his words speak to billions worldwide, and they speak to you and me.

The powerful thing about words is that they work their way, outside in, from our ears to our minds to our hearts.

Stories well told get past our defenses and hold up a truth for out taking.

The story of Jesus gets past the religion and the cultural norms as he offers us himself—the truth intimate and personal.” – John Weirick in a guest post on Jesus Hacks

From Cardboard to Titanium: A Brief Memoir

Ah, where to begin?

When I first started attending PA Leadership Charter School, the school had a video contest each year to get kids excited for the PSSAs. If you’re not from Pennsylvania, I should warn you that the PSSAs were state-mandated tests, and there’s nothing more elegant that I can say about them. However, as a creative individual from a long line of other creative individuals (both my parents were creative, so I got double the creative genes) I whole-heartily poured myself into these video projects, and with much fortune, won the contest during the seventh grade. Continue reading From Cardboard to Titanium: A Brief Memoir