Bye Bye Social Media

The other day I deleted my Instagram and Twitter accounts. It was very refreshing. I never used them and it was about time I got rid of them. Continue reading Bye Bye Social Media


The Narrow Road #2 (aka an amphigory on social media)

The more I use Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and all these other time-consuming social networks, the more I come to two conclusions:

  1. This is shallow, dumb, and a waste of time. I should quit social media.
  2. This isn’t all pointless, dumb, and a waste of time. I sometimes need to contact people on Facebook, so I can’t just delete it.

That’s my train of thought every time. And every time I move on thinking, meh, I’ll keep it for now.

It’s like a cycle, really. I use it, waste time, wonder why I have it, contemplate deleting it, almost delete it, realize I sometimes need it, keep it, use it,  waste time, wonder why I have it, and thus the endless cycles continues.

There has to be a balance, right? I can’t delete it, but I also can’t constantly use it.

So instead, I’ll do this: I’ll limit myself to 10 minutes of social media per day. That’s right. I’m giving myself 10 minutes to either completely waste time or put it to good use. No more scrolling, multitasking, or mindlessly checking all these apps. I’m going to focus my time and add more purpose to it.

Next, I’m dropping TV. (But more on that tomorrow.)

The Narrow Road #1

Have you ever walked a path by doing all the right things, yet knowing there was a better road not too far back? A better path that required sacrifice in order to pass?

The better path doesn’t make sense, but I suppose I should seriously consider taking it. Because I’ve never truly taken it before, and if I want to see change, I have to actually change something. I have to actually limit myself so I can expand on what God’s doing. 

I have to restrain myself so my vision can withstand. 

God’s called me to a narrow road. It’s a better path. It’s a paradox; a mystery. It’s simple and hard. But it’s well worth the adventure, so I’m going to take one step at a time beginning now.

And first up: no more social media.