The Harvest is Plentiful

Imagine you have this desire in your heart, this longing. There’s this hope stirred inside of you—it defines you. Your whole life hinges on this desire, and not just for something to come, but for someone to come. Someone to fix all the brokenness. Someone to restore what was lost. You need this.

But you’re still waiting for it. Waiting, waiting, waiting.   Continue reading The Harvest is Plentiful


Advancing the Kingdom

When you hear God pulling at your heart and guiding you to make a choice, follow his voice no matter what. 

Today I had a choice. I could have inconvenienced myself to bless someone else, or ignored God’s still voice in my heart. But I chose to love God and obey his calling.

Now that in itself is great, and I was content by honoring God and trusting him. But then he blessed me with an opportunity to talk with someone else and really connect with them. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if I had neglected what God called me to do.

I’m sharing this because I want you to know that God’s good. He’s faithful, and he is trustworthy. Even when he calls us to do everything against what our flesh wants, it’s worth it. The way he works is beyond our ways. It’s not conventional. We can’t comprehend it all. That’s why sometimes we have to simply trust and obey. 

And believe me, when we do that, he will move in your life, and you will see heaven on earth.

The kingdom is advancing.


In the past couple days, God’s been moving in incredible ways. Everywhere I turn, I see opportunities, and I’m taking advantage of them.

There’s a time for planting, and there’s a time for harvesting.

For the majority of the summer I’ve been planting a lot of seeds, but up until recently am I starting to see the fruit grow.

It’s not all clear yet, but let it be said: when you encounter Jesus and begin to really match your words with your actions, everything changes. When you follow God and trust him at whatever cost, everything changes.

This journey is bumpy at times, and I find myself teetering between being hurt and being healed. But I must have faith and push past the fear. God’s going to use my weakness to show others his strength.


Sometimes it takes a while to wait for the dawn. It can appear that all doors are closed, and there isn’t any opportunities left to grab. You feel like you waste precious time for nothing.

I feel like that sometimes.

But then I hear the whisper, the calmness, the peace. Even when things don’t make sense, I’m going to trust Him. That’s what He keeps asking me to do.

I don’t believe in luck, but simply believe in preparation and opportunity.

I’m going to keep preparing myself even when I don’t see opportunities. 

Because I know they’re just around the corner.