Never Give Up

“Never give up!”

I know. It sounds cheesy, and we’ve all heard it a million times. Frankly, it is cheesy sometimes, especially when it’s tied to our dreams and our desires. People tell us to never give up on something, but are some things meant to let go of? Continue reading Never Give Up


Don’t give up

Sometimes when you trip, you fall down into a valley and can’t see the sun on the other side of a mountain. Then you start to wonder if the sun even exists, or if the mountain had been there the whole time. 

Nonsense. Stand up—take a look around. You may be far below, surrounded by the shadow of the mountain, overcast with darkness. But is darkness the only thing left in this world? No, for darkness is only the absence of light, and it is light that directs your path. 

So get up! The sun is still there! It never changed a bit. Move forward—not in giant leaps of false pride that lead to more stumbling—but in the quiet steps of humility that says, “one day at a time.” 

It takes patience to change where you are. It takes endurance and commitment. So commit! 

Do not look back to where you were, but instead to where you will be. Stop talking about climbing the monstrous mountain unless you’re actually going to do it. Move past emotions, especially the kinds that don’t last forever. If you depend on mood, you’ll never get up. For as soon as you cry out, “I shall defeat this mountain!” you will soon find yourself turning around shouting, “I never want to leave the shadows and expose myself!”

No, instead you must rid yourself of the idea that you can only progress when you’re happy or “motivated.” How hard and commendable is it for someone to do something that they want to do? It’s as people say: you can’t be brave without fear. You can’t accomplish something if there’s no struggle, no cost.

So never give up; run the race till you finish.