There was leftover coffee

My sister’s on a trip this week with her Student Government. Apparently there’s some National Student Government Conference Thing (NSGCT) out in Colorado and her group was invited.  Coincidentally, there’s also a National Evil Organization Conference Thing (NEOCT) also in Colorado, so I have my suspicions as to what she’s really up to.  Continue reading There was leftover coffee


I Won The Championship! #clickbait

It was 10:36. It was time for bed. But my brother Jonny was 1 point ahead of me in Mario Kart.

It was only 10:36. Continue reading I Won The Championship! #clickbait

From Cardboard to Titanium: A Brief Memoir

Ah, where to begin?

When I first started attending PA Leadership Charter School, the school had a video contest each year to get kids excited for the PSSAs. If you’re not from Pennsylvania, I should warn you that the PSSAs were state-mandated tests, and there’s nothing more elegant that I can say about them. However, as a creative individual from a long line of other creative individuals (both my parents were creative, so I got double the creative genes) I whole-heartily poured myself into these video projects, and with much fortune, won the contest during the seventh grade. Continue reading From Cardboard to Titanium: A Brief Memoir

Connecting Stories: Part 2

So a couple nights ago Jonny and I were driving to this musical to help out with sound, and not two minutes after departing from our house, I found myself behind a car with their four-ways on. They were about a hundred feet away from a red light and a few cars were in between me and them. Continue reading Connecting Stories: Part 2