Quote of the Week: 3/31/16

“I believe as Christians, and as a Christian artist, we need a fresh revelation of who God is. Yes God is our friend, but he is also King, and this is a good thing. If God is no different than you and I, then what kind of God would he be? I am grateful that God is not like me. I am thankful that God is not only good but powerful and Holy, and worthy of my respect.” – Ben Pierce (Read more on Come&Live)


Quote of the Week: 3/17/16

“Changing our lives in order to make room for [Jesus] can be scary because you’ll find yourself becoming hyper-aware of all the things that need to be changed. And after you get over the hump of laying down your entire life at his feet for more of him, you may find that the people who mean the most to you won’t understand. Even Christians find it hard to comprehend why on earth you don’t want to do little things anymore, like watching television, gossiping, or being on your phone as much. The everyday habits of ordinary people seem harmless because everyone’s doing it and it’s normal. You’ll scare them. You might seem more distant than usual. This is such a hard thing to walk through, and you’ll want to give up because you want them to approve of you… You want them to be proud of you, and encourage you, but instead they just grow wary of you and draw away.

But I promise you, making sacrifices to live this life of freedom is so worth it. It’s so worth it to pursue God through every single thing that tries to hold you back. People on the same journey will walk with you when you need it most, Faith will guide you, and every word that comes from God’s mouth will be what sustains you.” – Markie Myers in They see us prayin’, they hatin’

Quote of the Week

Jesus is just a story. But his story is true and he is real. His teachings were not simply well wishes or pleasant suggestions, but an invitation to complete transformation. Today his words speak to billions worldwide, and they speak to you and me.

The powerful thing about words is that they work their way, outside in, from our ears to our minds to our hearts.

Stories well told get past our defenses and hold up a truth for out taking.

The story of Jesus gets past the religion and the cultural norms as he offers us himself—the truth intimate and personal.” – John Weirick in a guest post on Jesus Hacks

Quote of the Week

“Some say that salvation hinges on whether or not you believe in Jesus, and that is true. But do you really believe in Jesus when there is no evidence that you are doing what He compels us to do?” – Eugene Cho in Overrated: Are We More in Love with the Idea of Changing the World Than Actually Changing the World?

Quote of the Week

“Strictly speaking one ought to say that the Church is always in a state of crisis and that its greatest shortcoming is that it is only occasionally aware of it…. This ought to be the case because of the abiding tension between the church’s essential nature and its empirical condition…. That there were so many centuries of crisis-free existence for the Church was therefore an abnormality… And if the atmosphere of crisislessness still lingers on in many parts of the West, this is simply the result of a dangerous delusion. Let us also know that to encounter crisis is to encounter the possibility of truly being the Church.” – David Bosch, Transforming Mission

Quote of the Week

“The world doesn’t need a weak, powerless Jesus that’s “cool” with everything and demands nothing. People need the real Jesus.

The danger in pop culture Christianity is that it lulls people into thinking that being “cool” with Jesus is the same as surrendering to Him, and I’m afraid that pop star endorsements are only perpetuating a growing epidemic of lukewarm cultural Christianity. What’s worse, these stars become examples to millions of young people who now think following Jesus means little, and requires even less. ” – Ben Pierce, Lead Singer of No Longer Music

Quote of the Week: Holiness

“Many people think that striving for holiness is legalistic—and it can be—if your motivation is to get God to love you more or to feel superior to others. However, if your motivation is that you love God and want to see more of his power in your life, then holiness will bring liberation and release.” – David Pierce