Who am I?

My name is Ben Byler, a simple man who’s loved and madly in love with a loving God. Jesus is my everything

My Personal Mission Statement:

“To live life compassionately, pursuing my relationship with Jesus first, and through that being able to love the unloved, bring hope to the hopeless, and make a difference wherever I go, knowing that with faith, commitment, and dedication, the impossible can be made possible.”


If I want to be a writer, I have to read. I have to become what I want to be. If I want to be a preacher, I have to do what I preach. I have to learn if I want to teach.

To perform, I need to practice. Watch the best movies to film the next big ones. Abide by the law if I want to enforce it. Follow if I want to lead.

I have to go through the flames if I want to be a fireman.

Too often people wander in life pointing at billboards, saying, “that’s what I want to be!”

Then they pass it. Miss the exit. Follow the same road.

I have to match my words with my actions.

Plant a seed if I want some fruit.

Be different if I want to make a difference.


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