Less is More

No, I didn’t forget to post yesterday. In fact, starting yesterday, Sundays are going to be a day of rest for this blog. #surprise

To be honest, I wrestled with this decision for a while, and part of me wanted to maintain a purely “daily” blog just so I could say so. (I could just imagine twenty years from now when I’m President of Antarctica and reporters are interviewing me in awe: “Sir, did you say you maintained a daily blog? Like every day? You’re tenacious!” It’s all history from there.)

But then I realized: I’m talk about quality over quantity all the time, yet I never put it into practice when it came to my blog. I’m realizing now, though, that less is more, and taking one day off won’t disqualify me from the Antarctican Award for Tenacious Presidents of the South Pole.

Yeah, I made that award up if you couldn’t tell.


5 thoughts on “Less is More”

      1. Oh c’mon, just picture a nice group of baby penguins following you around. How is that not cute? (And conventionally “epic” means “long,” so that’s moot 😛 )

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      2. Okay, you kind of walked right into this, but last time I checked, this is /unconventional/ speculations. Conventionality is foreign here, and will especially be at my empire in the Arctics. :p


      3. Riiiight, sure sure. Well just remind me to stay as far away from your Penguin Kingdom as possible in case “Unconventionality” is used as an excuse for everything /fishy/.

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