My older brother shared with me a lesson he learned from a fellow colleague. The lesson was this:

If you want to find out the root to a problem, ask “why?” at least five times.

For example:

Bob worries too much.


Because he’s stressed out.


Because he commits to too many things.


Because he bases his value on what he does rather than who he is.


Because Bob forgets who he is.


Because he doesn’t spend enough time reminding himself who he is.


Isn’t it amazing how far you can go by simply diving deeper into an issue? I think I’m going to try this sometime and see where it goes. Maybe it works with other things, like trying to find out more on various topics.


2 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. Ahh, so true! I need to ask myself “Why?” much more often! You have to get to the root of a problem to get rid of it. Or, the root of something good, to give God the glory for it and realize how He is at work. (An answered prayer, for example)

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