We like to break life up into pieces and make it easier. We have knowledge, action, words, and thoughts. We think that if we pour into one part, it might not effect the other, or maybe it will if we just focus on one aspect. There’s school, family, church, and play. All separated. All breaking our identities into tiny fragments. Sadly, it seems we often box God into some of these areas. He’s definitely at church. And man, don’t we feel him during worship?

But Jesus calls us to follow him with our whole lives, with every piece of it. He calls us to love God with all our heart, mind, and strength. Everything. That way, we’ll be whole. We don’t have to trade in masks or shut down who we are because it’s not the time or place. Sure, there are different seasons and different aspects to our lives, but maybe we’ve forgotten Jesus’ simple and last promise on earth: He is with us always through the Holy Spirit, wherever he guides us in life. This means he isn’t just in the building we call church. He’s not simply hanging out around a Bible Study. No, it means much more. It means he’s with us at school and in class. He’s with us when we’re with our families and friends. He’s with us when we’re struggling. And you know when he’s best seen by others and ourselves? When we’re weak and outside of our comfort zones—where only he can show up and display his love for all to see.

It’s easier to remember this while we’re with other disciples and during worship, but I believe God yearns for us to be aware of this constantly, day in and day out.


God is with us.



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