Because You Matter

If one more person I know has a birthday coming up, I’m going to change the name of this blog to Ben’s Birthday Celebrations. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to deal with it.

Either way, today marks the birthday of Dr. Seuss, and he was a great writer. That’s all I have to say about him.

But today also marks the birthday of my oldest sister, Anastasia.

This is for you, Ana:

I know life is not always easy. It’s confusing. It’s hectic. Truth can often be clouded by an array of lies, lies that wrap themselves in half-truths and alluring needs. They make themselves out to be as strong fortresses, but as all detestable evils turn out to be, they are but a speck when compared to the truth of God and the goodness of Jesus. You see, all your life you’ve been pursuing truth, meaning, love, and acceptance. Let’s be honest: we all are. Throughout our journey we often stumble, fall away, or even sit down on life’s beaten path to settle for what we think will do for a time. But in the back of our minds we’re always wondering: is this it? I think it’s easy to quench these thoughts for a time (believe me, I’ve certainly tried it), but God always has a way of bringing us out of our misguided thoughts and into something so much better and beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, do you know that you’re beautiful, Ana, and that you’re the daughter of the King? I remember when you were younger and declared Jesus as Lord. Maybe you understood it then, maybe you didn’t. But when you committed to following Jesus for a time, it meant that all your actions, all your hurt, and all the lies and confusion were poured onto Jesus and destroyed on the cross along with him. How amazing is that? Better yet, though, Jesus then rose from the dead and brought forth goodness, joy, peace,  truth, and clarity to your life. I think you’ve had a taste of that before, but it’s a fight to keep the darkness at bay. It’s a daily journey to put one foot in front of the other and follow Jesus. However, whether you walk in this truth today or leave it behind tomorrow, Jesus will always love you. I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times, but as I recently wrote on my blog, love and truth are eternally connected, and if truth has been distorted in your life, love can often feel the same way. But I think real, honest truth is just around the corner, and once you experience truth, you’ll experience unending love from Jesus.

I love you, Ana, and may God bless you and protect you as you press on in life’s journey. Happy Birthday, and may you be filled with un-explainable joy and assurance that God is closer than you think, and he wants to see you made whole again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Because You Matter”

  1. What a great gift you gave your sister Ben. God is always andforever pursuing His children wanting them, desiring them to be in a right relationship with Him. We see that over and over in the Old Testament. Why do we run from something so wonderful?
    We do it with our biological families when we are in sin and we do it with God. The enemy seeks to destroy and in so many ways He is succeeding. Speak truth and Love always! What a glorious thing that we can do for those we love!

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