From Cardboard to Titanium: A Brief Memoir

Ah, where to begin?

When I first started attending PA Leadership Charter School, the school had a video contest each year to get kids excited for the PSSAs. If you’re not from Pennsylvania, I should warn you that the PSSAs were state-mandated tests, and there’s nothing more elegant that I can say about them. However, as a creative individual from a long line of other creative individuals (both my parents were creative, so I got double the creative genes) I whole-heartily poured myself into these video projects, and with much fortune, won the contest during the seventh grade.

However, this was no easy feat, as I was up against some of the most creative enemies one could afford to have in middle school. It was like playing a mad game of chess. in which the game is usually a quiet one, with all the words and devious plans being thrown behind the scenes. Nonetheless, it was during these formative years when I met Vinh, a man who I once viewed as my arch-nemesis when it came to making these videos. (In other words, he made great videos, too, and perhaps far better ones than mine.)

Despite this fact, I could only keep my distance for so long, and it was during the year 2014 A.D. when I went on a school trip to which, consequentially, Vinh Le went on as well. And it was here when the cardboard walls of animosity between us crumpled underneath a titanium bridge of friendship, and we immediately hit it off.

Over the next few years, I grew to know Vinh for more than his cinematography skills, and learned of his immense wit and wisdom. (Those two words describe him perfectly, I think.) He was both resourceful, insightful, and even played an excellent villain in his own fictitious story, to which I believe in life’s grander story, he’s played an excellent hero.


Why am I going on and on about such a unique man, you might ask? Well, today is his birthday, and as a great friend of mine, I want to wish him the best. Besides, it’s not every day  that I get to exercise my creativity and write a fun reflection about such a great friendship. So Happy Birthday, Vinh, and may God bless you as you grow in him and learn all that college life has to teach you! The Fellowship of Zoom misses you and your pranks that sometimes involve pretzels. (It’s a long story.)


2 thoughts on “From Cardboard to Titanium: A Brief Memoir”

  1. You bet the walls of animosity crumpled underneath a titanium bridge of friendship! I consider you to be one of my best friends, too, and I am so, so grateful for this wonderful tribute. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and thank you for what you have done for Student Government and for me. My only hope is that our Fellowship can continually grow in friendship and love for one another. I look forward to a Zoom meeting soon! 🙂

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