Home Depot Adventures

The trip started out like any other outing.

Dad and I hopped into our van and drove off to get some supplies. He brought along his fancy Home Depot thermos with a nice volume of coffee in it.

You can only guess where we went to: Home Depot.

After gathering all that we needed, we arrived to the checkout and made small-talk with the trainee and his trainer who taught him the ropes of being the world’s best cashier. Dad set his thermos full of coffee down on the counter and relayed how he had almost left it in the store, to which the trainer replied, “oh, where’d you get it from?”

My only sarcastic thought was this: Lowes, of course. I decided to be quiet, though.

Dad, on the other hand, began to explain, and while he did, I watched in complete amusement as the trainee scooped up the thermos and look earnestly for a bar code in order to scan the item. Little did he know Dad had already purchased it and there was coffee in it. A lot of coffee.

So he flipped it over (because obviously the bar code was hiding on the bottom) and coffee spewed out all over the high-tech scanner built into the counter.

We tried to warn him before it was too late, but alas: it was too late.

I just hope the scanner still works. And hopefully the trainee, too. Other than spilling coffee, he did a great job. Sometimes in life things just aren’t as they seem.


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