Anointed Ones

Earlier this evening I was listening to a great message by Todd White, and if you haven’t heard of him, I highly recommend clicking on the link and hearing what he has to say about Jesus. I’ve had the honor to hear Todd speak a few times, and one of the biggest things that makes him stand out from other Christian speakers is that he talks about Jesus—a lot.

Now this might sound odd because all Christians should be focused on Christ, but sadly I’ve heard way too many people speak about God or the Bible but leave out how Jesus fits into all of it. Without Jesus, though, everything falls apart, so it’s nice to hear someone like Todd speak about Jesus constantly.

In the particular message I was listening to, he mentioned the word Christ. We’ve all heard it before, right? But do we know what it means? To be honest, I never knew what it meant until Todd explained it. It is derived from the Greek word Christos, which means “anointed one.” Therefore, Jesus Christ means “Jesus the Anointed One.” Now, what’s neat is that when we call ourselves Christians, we’re literally identifying ourselves as “little anointed ones.”

Here’s my question, though: Do we really live like anointed ones? Do we actually believe that, through Jesus, we’ve been made right and are anointed, or chosen, to live for God? Our title has been thrown around too many times that I think it’s starting to lose its meaning. However, it’s never too late to awaken to this calling and truly begin following Jesus in order to be reconciled to the Father.


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