Knocked-Over Leadership

Most people look at leadership like this:

Traditional Leadership

A few gifted leaders sit inside the top of a triangle and dictate everything down to their managers, or mini-leaders. Then these mini-leaders help us ordinary people do the rest of the work and leave the leading up to them. The mission, values, and direction are created by the leaders yet executed by the majority.

Here’s the deal, though: a wise man once said that if we want to be the greatest, we have to be the least. This means leaders have to be the few people that set the standard for others to follow. Instead of scrambling to get to the top of the leadership triangle, there’s a better way to lead.

I prefer to call it “Knocked Over Leadership,” or more accurately, the “Lead by Example” form of leadership. It looks like this:

Example Leadership
You see, we don’t have to earn our way to leadership by climbing up the ladder of success and leaving everyone else behind. Instead, leadership looks like taking a step forward and setting an example for what we want to see happen. It then requires us to look back and guide a few people to lead by example as well. In turn, they’ll do the same for others, and before we know it, everyone’s a leader making leaders who will change the world one step at a time.


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