SAT: Monster or Ally?

“No one ever changed the world by choosing the best out of five possible answers.” – Todd Marrone

Tomorrow I’ll be taking the SAT for the first time, and to be completely honest, I’m not a bit worried about it. If anything, I’m worried about my lack of worry. I feel like I should be stressed out about it—that it’s important and I should have studied more—but I just don’t feel any of that. Instead, I’m at complete peace and know it doesn’t define me. As the quote above mentions, no one changes the world because they took a test. While I see some values in tests, I know that if I want to see change, it’s going to take both action and knowledge to make any real progress in the world.

Thus, in today’s day and age where information is disproportionately more common than transformation, I yearn to live a balanced life that doesn’t fret over whether or not I know everything and score perfectly on a test. Sure, I’ll do my best—and I have studied—but the SAT will never define me.

People are more concerned about actions, anyway. Colleges these days want to see more character (which I would define as applied knowledge, in this case) than dormant knowledge. It’s not enough to learn how to change the world if we aren’t willing to take steps in doing it. So if you’re like me, take a breath, take a walk, and take a step back to see that the world’s a little bigger than our worries. It will not only change the way you see things, but will ultimately change the way you act.


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