The Trinity through the eyes of Jesus

Throughout my life, I’ve seen a lot of people neglect one or two of the persons in the Trinity. 

Some people focus too much on the Father and view God as either a judgemental, un-loving, and angry dad who wants to punish us because we’re bad, or a loving dad that sees no fault in us and loves us no matter what—completely void of justice and ignorant to the consequences of evil.

Then there’s the Holy Spirit. My, how many people simply ignore his presence and act like he’s not around. But of course, then there are those that focus on him way too much and sometimes love his gifts and benefits more than they love the one that gives the gifts.

But here’s the cool factor I began to realize a couple days ago: when you focus on Jesus, you can’t help but focus on the other two in the Trinity, because Jesus talks about them a lot. He’s always talking about the Father and his relationship with him, and then he talks about the great Advocate, the Cousenlor, the Helper who is the Holy Spirit, who teaches us everything Jesus says and reminds us of all he did. Looking at the Trinity through Jesus, you can see a loving Father who is also holy and perfect and requires the punishment of evil. That’s where the Son comes in, though, and pays for our punishment. He then “leaves” in order for the Holy Spirit to come and transform our lives, always pointing us to Jesus, the Truth.


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