Awake O’ Sleeper

Here’s an ultimate example of sacrifice and selflessness:


Jesus is eternal. He’s the beginning and the end. Yet he chose to become mortal and limit himself and his abilities for the sake of those who left him. Only true love such as laying one’s life down for a friend could bring life into the world. And did you hear that? He laid down his life for his friends.

We’re the last people who should be considered friends of God. We all broke his law and his covenant with us. He has every right to destroy us and all of creation. Yet his love, his unstoppable love, could not help but bring down death and save us from ourselves. Instead of doing what we would do, he chased after us in darkness, in shame. He took a step off of the throne and made himself a servant- a servant to the ones who rejected him.

All of this would have been meaningless and a waste of time, except for the fact that it changed things. It messed with people. They couldn’t handle the power of love, and fell trembling. And now those who have heard the truth are God’s children- brought to redemption by his unfailing love. And now, as the seeds of God and his love, we do what he did to those who don’t deserve it.

We love our enemies and die for them. And the world gets recked by this unstoppable force.

Jesus changed the world forever, and now people are realizing it. So what are they doing? They’re not fighting against him- that would be ridiculous. Instead, they’re changing the simple and ultimate Truth. Truth is being attacked so that those who haven’t heard it yet won’t even know if it is real or not.

When they hear it, they are instantly bombarded by other “truths” and are deceived and frightened. We sometimes get scared because if Jesus is real, the true Son of God, then we either continue in our daily, sinful lives and die, or actually have to completely change everything we do, lay down our life, and truly beginning living by following him.

And in today’s culture, few people want to risk their life for something they don’t even know is real or not. That’s why us children of God must come and call forth an awakening of love in the hearts of God’s lost children. We need to show that God is worth dying for, and worth living for.

“Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light.” – Ephesians 5:14


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