We don’t deserve love

A couple days ago I wrote about love and respect for my English class and posted it on my blog. My English teacher responded to it and asked a simple follow-up question:

So, why do you believe you don’t deserve love?

Here’s my response:

When I first came into the world, like all people, I was nothing but a child in need of care. I did nothing to deserve this care and did nothing to deserve the love of my parents. As time went on, I grew to appreciate this love and extend it to others, but I also held on to my selfish ways and chose to hurt others. Because of this, one could say I deserve punishment for treating others poorly, yet another could say I deserve love and admiration for treating others kindly. Who decides which treatment I get, then, if I deserve both?

Furthermore, if love is deserved, and therefore owed, is it love at all? If I deserve love, then that means people owe love and affection to me. This more closely represents respect, where someone is admired and loved for what they have done and deserved. However, if everyone has done good and bad things in life, then what do we really deserve? Is it then a matter of doing more good than bad? What if someone is good all of their life and then kills an innocent man in anger? Does the bad suddenly outweigh the good?

So as you can see, when it comes to deserving love, things can become tricky and illogical. However, the fact that we are given love despite our failures and vices, what I call grace, is truly remarkable and far more powerful.


2 thoughts on “We don’t deserve love”

  1. Wow… That was so beautiful and real that I got stuck wondering how much stress you were under. 😉 But in all seriousness, it’s awesome to see how God is speaking truth through your writing!

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