Taking Action

It’s interesting to see how in many Western churches, an emphasis is added to the belief and thought aspect of faith, but not the action part of it.But as James points out in the Bible, what good is faith without deeds? Not the legalistic, make-yourself-righteous deeds, but instead the kind of action that is produced by faith.

Sadly, much of the church dreams and thinks too much. I find myself caught up in this trap half the time, too: loading myself with information and believing it without acting on it. Information is good, but without transformation, it is pointless.

So on to the solution, then: I would say faith is best exercised when it is acted upon, just like all the examples given in Hebrews 11.  Faith gives us the confidence to act even when we do not see. For example, when Noah was told to build the ark, he didn’t simply believe God was going to flood the earth. He acted upon this unforeseen knowledge and went to work, looking like a fool to just about everyone. When God told Abraham to leave his home, Abraham didn’t just believe God would provide the promised land—he got up and left with his family, “without knowing where he was going” (Hebrews 11:8).

It is very clear that if we are to experience and exercise our faith to its full potential, we must begin moving! As the body of Christ, we need to exercise our muscles to the point of exhaustion. Because it is then, and only then, when God can strengthen us and use us more and more for his glory! Amen!



2 thoughts on “Taking Action”

  1. This thought stretched me. I have definitely caught myself saying one thing, and then going and doing exactly the opposite. There is such a thing as lazy faith… We need to stretch our muscles and go out and act like we are Jesus’ disciples, not just people who go to church and read the bible. We are a people on a mission.

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