130 Yard-long List

My head’s been buzzing lately with so many tasks to complete, people to keep up with, and things to do. It’s overwhelming. It’s ridiculous.

So a week ago I wrote down a list of everything I’m involved in, and after completing the 130 yard-long list, I realized I was involved in way too many activities.

I’ve stretched myself too thin.

Because of this, I decided to cut back on one area. But soon after following through with it, another opportunity popped up, and before I knew it, I was just about ready to sign up for it! Thankfully, the Holy Spirit caught my attention before it was too late, and I now realize I have the least bit amount of energy to pour into it. It’s a good opportunity, but I need to choose.

And I choose to live simply. I choose to pour myself into few things so that I can offer more.



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