On The Church and Birth

I want to be a midwife.

No, it’s not what you think, and perhaps I should clarify: I want to be like a midwife.

You see, if there’s one thing I love most in life, it’s Jesus. Naturally, if I love Jesus, I love what he loves. And since he lavishly loves his bride—the church—I love it, too.

Therefore, I want to see his bride thrive and grow and help and serve. But if I want to do this, I can’t muster it from myself; I can’t start anything. Instead, I have to be on the side, aiding in this glorious birth of Christians coming to know Christ and make him known. I don’t want to sit idly by, but instead actively be involved in what Jesus is starting in my life and in my community. He’s the initiator and I’m simply cultivating what he’s started.

A midwife doesn’t take credit for everything, but they are important in the process of birthing a child. Likewise, as I’m looking to reach out and, as some people might say, “start a church,” I’m not starting anything at all, but merely following the Holy Spirit’s leading and taking action when he asks me to.

I want to help birth transformation in my community.

So I guess, in a way, I do want to be like a midwife—a midwife to further the good news of Christ.


3 thoughts on “On The Church and Birth”

  1. My first thought was, “The heck…” Then I opened it, laughed, and proceeded to nod in agreement. You should get an award for creating stunning click-bait… oh yeah, and writing awesome posts, too.

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