Unwrapping A Gift

Tonight I got to celebrate part 2 of Christmas with my family, older sister, and 1 year old nephew. 

Naturally, it was a grand time seeing a little kid rip through the wrapping paper and joyfully see his gift. (Jonny was a very happy boy.) My little nephew, though, did something quite interesting. Instead of unwrapping his gift to see the gift, he tended to focus more on the wrapping paper itself.

Of course, most of us would find this humorous—obviously the real value is in the gift. But then I wonder: how often do we do this with life?

We’re given so much from God, so many great opportunities, talents, abilities, and relationships. But we often look so closely and narrowly at the details. The wrappings, if you will. Sure, they provide some initial mystery, some instant pleasure if the wrapping is done right. But then it’s torn apart, and before you know it, the mystery is gone. We’re kind of stubborn, though, and choose to pick at the wrapping while the gift is sitting to the side.

Then let’s pursue this gift, instead, right? Let’s get back on track and embrace what’s been given to us, not paying so much attention to the outside while ignoring the inside.


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