Success Trumps Excess

Life is a lot like racing on a balance beam.

If you lean too far to the left or right, you’ll fall off. If you carry too much, it’ll slow you down. If you run too fast, you’ll lose your balance.

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I love blogging, but I’m becoming more and more jaded by social media and how often people (including myself) spend time on it. We waste time. Constantly.

The goal of this blog is to be real with people and show them the hope, truth, and love that can be found in life.

But I firmly believe spending hours on the internet reading and writing about it will never lead to this discovery. Therefore, I’m sort of stuck—wanting to produce content, but not wanting to produce content because it sometimes goes against the content itself.

I believe I’ve found a solution, though, and it’s this:

Success trumps excess.

My new focus for this blog and this year is to write and refer others to a balanced portion of meaningful content so we stop feeding ourselves on an excess of mindless content.

What do you think?


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