Going Forward

Today marks the last day of winter break.

And as with most breaks, going back to the norm is typically, well, normal and somewhat boring. But this time around, something feels different.

In fact, it’s my mindset that’s different.

I’m actually looking forward to the weeks and months ahead. Perhaps it’s because I’ll be an adult soon, or maybe it’s the fact that I just had a nice bowl of ice cream. I’m not entirely sure.

But I do know that, in the past, transitions were always a pain for me. I generally disliked change because it walked with me everywhere I went, forcing me to either move on or spend too much time reminiscing, regretting, or envying. Nowadays, though, it still follows me at every turn, but I’m okay with it.

Because Jesus wants to change the way I think (Romans 12:2), and he continues to challenge me on my unfounded ways of living life.

It’s a beautiful process, this change that leads to growth.

That’s what I’m excited for. There’s too much to look forward to compared to what there is to look back at.

So let’s move on, then, and charge ahead into the new year!


2 thoughts on “Going Forward”

  1. Adulthood is one tough journey, and the first few steps are the worse. It’s difficult even up to now, and I’ve been seeking God’s signs in every decision. It’s normal to doubt and worry after all. However, it’s good that you’re charging on. Reminds me of Philippians 3:13.

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