Is that a Dyson?

This past weekend I learned a peculiar thing about my brother.

We were at our friends’ house for New Years and had a blast.  Naturally, though, when you have a blast, there’s food; and when there’s food, there’s crumbs.

We had some popcorn crumbs on the floor.

So being a neat person and the one sleeping on the floor that night, I motioned that we vacuum up the mess. Our friend, Eli, agreed and promptly left to get the cleaning machine.

Seconds later he returned, and to my dismay, Jonny (my brother), asked nonchalantly across the room:

“Is that a Dyson?”

“Yeah,” Eli replied.

Jonny leaned back on the sofa. “Nice.”

I stood back rather puzzled. Some people knew their cars. Others their breeds of dogs. Maybe even their brands of spaghetti.

But vacuum cleaners?

“How’d you know it was a Dyson?” I asked.

“I know my vacuums,” he said.

“Okay,” I pushed. “What’s the brand for our vacuum?”


I just about lost it.

Knowing Jonny, though, I should have expected he would be observant and know what kind of vacuums are out there. But sometimes I think I’m observant, and I didn’t even know these brands existed.

But it’s these little moments that make life absolutely thrilling; the moments when we learn something new about someone else and perhaps get a laugh out of it, too.

So kudos to you, Jonny. You’ve surprised me once again.



2 thoughts on “Is that a Dyson?”

  1. My mom was reading over my shoulder when I opened this, and she thought it was very sweet and funny. (I do, too, but my mom knows her blog posts so I figured I’d feature her comments instead haha) 😀

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