Beginning Again

Happy New Year!

If I were cliché, I would say something like “I can’t believe it’s a new year already! The year went by so quickly!”

But since I’m not cliché, I’ll say something like…

Let’s talk about virtues.

Last year I felt God tell me to establish a set of virtues that reflect Jesus. Instead of listening to Him, though, I thought I didn’t need any. 

I’ll now take a brief moment for our annual (drum roll, please)…

Advice of the day!

Obey God.

Thankfully, God’s patient and always ready to teach me even when I’m not willing to learn.

So with a new year rising on the horizon, I’m setting virtues in motion to follow.

I’ve decided to be more purposeful with my life, and as a byproduct, my blog.

The nice thing, though, is I already wrote them out a few years ago. They can be found on my about page jumbled throughout my mission statement. I originally wrote them out for a leadership class, but I still like them and think they can be applied today.

I’m also making a habit of looking at my about page every time before writing a blog post. This way I’m reminded of where I come from and where I’m going. If a new reader looks at my about page, I hope my posts reflect what I say on it.

And the same goes for life. I want my life to reflect and embrace the gospel. Ultimately, I want my readers to do the same; to discover who they were made to be and the life they can find in Christ.

We were all made for more than this seemingly meaningless life. Let’s discover it then, shall we?


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