Communicating Online

I find Facebook to be a monster of sorts.

It’s rather picky.

You see, I used to go on Facebook a lot. Sadly, I still do sometimes, but I rarely post on it anymore.

Why type my thoughts or statements to hundreds of “friends” when I can just tell my real friends in person or via messaging? This question makes me find posts to be extremely pointless.

That being said, though, I occasionally write posts on my wall every month or so in a call-to-action manner. Take the Iron Community as the latest example. But here’s the deal: since I don’t post as often or at certain times of the day, no one sees it! This happens to my blogging page as well. Facebook will notice that I post links to my blog all the time and thinks its spam, therefore letting limiting more people to see it on their newsfeed. It’s an interesting formula, whatever they have going for them. I guess perhaps they’re trying to avoid spam, thinking I’m the monster, but they must be mistaken.

Despite this problem, which there’s nothing I can really do to solve, I also find the amount of content on Facebook, or the internet in general, to be quite alarming. We as humans are grand communicators, or should be, yet we are on an information overload. How do we deem what’s important if we just keep scrolling mindlessly and allowing all sorts of contradicting ramblings to fill our minds?

On the flip side, how can a blogger like myself continue to produce meaningful content when there’s thousands of other meaningful content out there?

I guess I don’t have all the answers to these questions, but at least I’m asking. That’s the beginning to this all, I suppose.


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