I think I’m learning now

Something’s terribly wrong.

Last night at midnight I googled: “how do I go to bed early?”

What have I come to?

What am I doing?

Like seriously, do I need the internet, THE INTERNET, to tell me how to go to bed? Have I not the intellect nor willpower to actually plan to go to bed at a reasonable time and then do it?

Perhaps I caved in and googled this because I’ve been going to bed at midnight for the last three or four nights and regreted it every morning. Maybe I decided to look it up because it was midnight and the fact struck me again from the shadows of the night.

But by jolly!

I need to get off the internet some days and rethink my life.

See, and even if I wanted to go to bed early tonight, I work till 10:30! And I probably won’t even get home until 11! 

So there we have it, then. My version of going to bed early is going to bed at 11:02 tonight.

Now, the nice thing is, I’m actually thinking ahead. I usually write my blog posts at 11:57, so I’m writing it now to save time. 

I beat the system! Muahaha.

Maybe something’s not so wrong after all.


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