Promoting Music: An Intimate Letter from Ben Byler

I think I just blew my chance at being famous.

For those of you who know me well, I love music. I listen to music. I make music.

And most of this takes place on SoundCloud.

Now, I know I’m not popular on the website, and I never plan to be. I mostly use it to listen to hipster songs that no one’s ever heard of. But occasionally I’ll post little snippets of songs I’m working on in FL Studio.

Well, some big record label person or spammer (frankly they seem the same sometimes—OH BURN!!) spotted me and sent me this message:

jennycastanedadddd: Please tell me you have another soundcloud profile? Your plays are very low. You should give your tracks some kickstart, I always use this website – promoteurmusic(.)com

I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to respond to this caring user.

Here’s my reply:


Dear Jennifer,

Oh thank goodness you sent me this message. Please tell me you’re not spam! Just the other day I was looking at my plays and thought, “by jolly, these plays are low! I definitely need to give my tracks some kickstart!” Then your glorious message popped up into my soundcloud profile.

The heavens opened up!

I’ll definitely check out the website, but first, I gotta know: how’s the website working for you? I noticed you don’t have any tracks listed yet—but hey, that’s impressive. The fact that this mysterious website can kickstart your tracks without you even having any tracks is magical! I’m getting so excited I think I just peed a little.

I’m gonna go buy some new pants, but when I get back from the store, I expect to see a glamorous review of this website!

Thank you so much Jenny! (Can I call you Jenny? I feel like we’re practically BFFs now because of our love for music and getting more plays on our tracks!)

Your friend,

Ben Byler (or as my soundcloud friends like to call me…)

//PLAYS//LOW// (now soon to be…)



She hasn’t replied yet, but boy I wish she did.


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