Star Wars: The Force Awaits

Boy, what a movie. I’m absolutely speechless. I promise I won’t give any spoilers below, though.

But the characters. The action. The story!

Where do I even begin?

Let’s just say seeing Luke fight Darth Vader was probably my favorite part. And of course, I love Boba Fett’s awesome jet-pack scene, although I was disappointed to see him fall into the Sarlacc Pit. I feel like he survived, though.

Sorry, what? The Force does what? Awakens?

Oh, no. I didn’t watch that tonight. I watched the Return of the Jedi.

That’s right, while millions of Americans feasted their eyes on what could be the best movie of all time, I sat back in the comfort of my home and watched the prequel to it.

You see, I’m waiting to go see it with the rest of my family next week, but this proves difficult in the age of the internet. It leaves me with only a few options. I could…

  1. Turn off all electronic devices to avoid the impulsive public’s spoilers and gossip for a week.
  2. Move to some remote town in Alaska where Star Wars II is just being released in theaters.
  3. Go in to hibernation until my family goes to see it.

In all seriousness though, I think I might have to avoid Facebook. I mean, I try and avoid Facebook as much as I can anyway, so this shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.

Until then, the force awaits.




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