Connecting Stories: Part 1

Tonight I learned something about storytelling.

I went to a musical to help with the production’s sound and lighting, and during the mic check, this one kid stood on the stage and rambled in order for us to see if his mic worked. Unlike the other kids who either awkwardly said hi numerous times or told somewhat humorous jokes, he said something like this:

“I like the color blue. The ocean is blue. Dolphins live in the ocean. Dolphins are mammals. Dolphins are one of the smartest mammals.”

Now, I get it. That isn’t very entertaining, and it’s not even a story. But it flowed. It started with one idea and transitioned smoothly into the next. It all seemed to connect.

Good stories do this all the time.

And on a larger scale, life is a story. Each moment of our lives is built upon little choices that weave its way into a direction. Each event gives birth to a new one. And the craziest thing is how different lives and stories can intertwine. It seems so random, but there is a purpose through it all.

Reading the Bible with this mentality opens up the door to how amazing God prepared the way for Jesus to come and live among us. On the surface, the Old Testament sometimes seems disconnected and irrelevant to what Jesus does in the New Testament. But with the whole picture in mind, Jesus connects all the dots.

So where do you fit into the story?


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