The Road Not Taken: an adventure with Ben Byler

Today I went on an adventure.

It all started at 5:15am. My alarm screamed at me, jolting me awake, and I quickly shut it off. I got out of bed and soon after joined my brother in our family’s big ole’ van.

We had been tasked to drive to our relative’s house and take them to the Baltimore airport. The ride down was smooth and took a couple hours. I didn’t pay attention to the road because I wasn’t going to be driving back up. After all, I was simply tagging along to keep my brother company.

If only that was the case.

We dropped our relatives off at the airport and drove to the nearest McDonalds. Fantastic breakfast. Great food. Terribly unhealthy, yet undeniably delicious.

Not too long after consuming our meal, we rolled out of McDonalds and I plugged in our home address via Google Maps. Only an hour? Sweet! Now let’s note here for a second: I had gone to bed late the night before and gotten up really early. I was extremely tired. I didn’t bother checking where the destination was. Maybe I had too much faith in Google.

I have some doubts now.

But we started driving and ended up going through Baltimore, which wasn’t planned. I saw signs for New York. (No, we didn’t end up in New York, although that would have been hilariously sad.)

In fact, five minutes out from our “house,” my brother and I couldn’t help but relish how our journey was so scenic and beautiful. We went through lush forests and even crossed over a dam. I was so entertained I took a picture of it, which is the image for this blog post. Absolutely stunning. We had never seen these sights before. We were out in the middle of nowhere.

But then I looked closer at our “house.”

I think I got light-headed for a second.

We weren’t anywhere close to home.

We were at the edge of Coatsville, PA, one and half hours away from our house. 

I felt completely stupid in the moment and was bewildered at the fact that I was oblivious to our whereabouts the whole trip. (I’m even taking a geography class this semester! I should know these things.) Trust me, I’m usually good at these things, but today was not my day.

I blame it on my lack of sleep, but looking back, I know it was worth the detour.

I guess it was the adventurer within me taking its toll, and boy did it have its way.

We left our house at 5:30am and should have been back by 11am.

We didn’t come home till 12:45pm.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 
~ Robert Frost

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