Chance vs Strategy

I highly dislike games with chance.

There’s just something about not having complete control in the outcome that bothers me. Perhaps that’s something I need to overcome, though, because I know dealing with chance is a necessity in life.

I personally prefer strategy games. I like knowing what’s going to happen to me and being able to win with my own wit and knowledge.

Because let’s be real: rolling the dice is scary. It falls so surely, yet tumbles so awkwardly. Now, if we let it get to us, we reflect this mere chance onto our identities. We stand a little taller when we roll a six, but shrink into the shadows when a one is shining on the top.

If we only became sure of who we are, then it would all fade away. That’s my problem, at least. I know I’m not the victim. I’m just prideful masked by excuses. Deep down I prefer strategy games because if I win, I can take all the credit. This is how life works when the Kingdom is outside the equation. Prince Pride rules.

However, I’m truly grateful this isn’t how my life is all the time. By the grace of God, I’m laying down my crown of pride and taking more steps into the unknown. Living with fear isn’t who I am, because I’m not known for what I do, but for what He did.

It’s a truly liberating idea when you think about it.

And I’m starting to like games full of chance.


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