First Be. Then Do.

I feel like I’ve hit a road block with my blog, but I think I found out why.

It happened like this:

Earlier today I was in a bookstore and opened up this random leadership book by John Maxwell. There were so many golden nuggets in there, but one in particular stuck out. The gist of it conveyed that good ideas are simply combinations of things we already know. Ever since I read those words, the premise of it hasn’t left my mind. Isn’t it a radical idea, though?

As a blogger, I keep trying to produce content, and more so as a Christian, meaningful content. But that’s hard, especially when I’m a senior in high school, taking college classes, working, and trying to maintain various hobbies. I act like I’m busy.

But trying to muster up an original and spectacular idea is impossible. If anything, it seems prideful. Sure, they teach us to never plagiarize in school, but since when have we had an original idea? All we ever do in life is build from where those before us left off.

I think we should be a little more humble about our creativity, don’t you think? Let’s not copy others, but instead learn from them and combine what they’ve done. After all, that’s what we are biologically; just the combination of our parents. However, this is where God’s amazing in the fact that no two people have the same DNA. We’re all different and unique.

It reminds me of a time I’ll never forget when I visited China for the second time. Walking through a huge crowd of people and in a moment of weakness, I began to doubt God’s ability to have a deep relationship with  each individual. There were just so many people and I felt so small. They all seemed liked numbers. But then the Holy Spirit quieted my heart and reminded me how unique each individual was. I don’t know how else to describe it, but I was simply awestruck at how God made everyone so unique and special.

So this leads me back to my blog. I feel that it’s not just about the content that I write, but more so about who I am. And if who I am his hidden in who Christ is, then I want to find out more and more about what He’s like and who He is.

This blog is about being, then doing. My dad coined this phrase not too long ago:

First be. Then do.


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