Who are you?

Perhaps that’s one of the biggest questions people ask in life. Yet sadly it seems unanswered for the most part. Many people die not knowing who they are. 

Sure, we get by through labels and names and titles, but deep down there’s always that question burning in our minds.

So who are we asking, anyway? Ourselves? God? People?

Because the answer to that question  shows a lot about who we are. If we ask ourselves and look for an answer, then why did we ask in the first place if we already had the answer? And what good is it to ask other people who are wondering the same things?

It’s seems that whether you’re atheist or agnostic,  this question is best suited for a god.

But by jolly, people talk about so many gods these days and with such little proof. How on earth can we trust them? They seem to make them up left and right, fitting them into small boxes that make them look great.

Well, that is, except for Jesus.

Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God, and he’s revealed so much of his character to us through his life on earth that’s recorded in the Bible. 

You want to know who you are? Know Jesus. Take a gander and find out. Because when we start to look outside ourselves and into him, we’ll begin to see how he already did the exact same thing for us. 

And he knows exactly who you are.


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