This is how we live: thoughts on grace

Sometimes grace seems impossible to muster up because people don’t deserve it. We naturally hide behind these walls of accusation and point our fingers at each other. 

But when we glance into the mirror and take a closer look at ourselves, we see how undeserving we are of grace, too.

Yet it was given to us by the One who didn’t need to give anything.

Jesus once said “those who are forgiven little love little” (Luke 7:47), and obviously the opposite is true: those who are forgiven much love much. 

Now if we’re brutally honest with ourselves, we’ve all done some pretty bad things. Whether by thought or through deeds, we can be rather wicked at times.

But when we understand this and try and fathom how much God’s forgiven us; why, grace is so much more abundant in our lives. Love is ever-present and hope fills us up. The amount of grace Jesus has shown to us enables us to show grace to others. His loves spurs on our love for each other.

This is how we thrive.

This is how we live.


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