Alright, so let’s be real. Lots of stuff happens in life. Good, bad, ugly, and even meaningless things. And the fact is, we all tend to react to it. Sometimes we’re happy. Other times we’re horrified. 

And before I continue, I want to be clear about this: Reacting isn’t nessecarily a bad thing.

However, I see far too many people react. Perhaps overreact.

Take this red cup thing, for instance. I’ve literally met one person who took offense by Starbucks’ simple holiday design. 


But I’ve seen hundreds of people react to those offended by it and make sure to post something about it on Facebook or Instagram. 

Why? Why do we constantly need to react and share our reactions to what life or some popular coffee company gives us? 

Something seems off balance.

And even on a more serious note, what happened in Paris was terrible. But once again, I find people on social media just responding to it in a very quick, simple, and easy manner. And then they move on and post about whatever else is viral.

While this may not be bad, I feel like we’re missing something.

We need to become more proactive and less reactive.

If we see brokenness and pain in the world, let’s stop talking about it and start doing something about it. Let’s get off our phones and begin to make a difference. 

Guess what? It’s not going to be easy. And there’s no one answer for how we can spark change. God has a unique will for each of our lives. But I think it’s about time we stop allowing a small percentage of people to dictate what goes on in the world and then let them watch in amusement as we react to it.

Very few people proactively took offense by the red cups. But a lot of people reacted to them.

Same with Paris. It only took a few evil men to bring harm to over a hundred people, devastating a nation and the world. But we’re all reacting and often stopping there.

And once again, it’s not a bad thing to react; it’s natural. But we can’t stop there. 

We must be proactive. 


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