A decent meal

Story time.

I had just heated a nice bowl of butter and herb pasta for lunch today when I realized a startling fact:

I should get a fork to consume this delicious food from heaven. 

So I set it on the dining room table and went back to the kitchen to get a fork. My cat, Oliver, was also walking around in the kitchen, and the moment I went back to sit down, he raced me to my seat, hopped onto my chair right as I was sitting down, and perched himself up on the table above my food.

He was ready to devour that delicious pasta.

To be honest, I was cat off guard. (Get it? Like ‘caught’ but ‘cat’? No? Okay, well I thought it was brilliant.)

Thankfully, though, I grabbed him before he dug his face into my meal and placed him back on the ground.

But really, I wonder if this has ever happened to anyone else before, because I never thought in a million years that the world would come to cats and humans battling it out for a decent meal.


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