Changing the way we think

Sometimes I fight so hard against myself that I forget God’s trying to change me. I feel like going one way or doing something differently, but instead of changing what I feel like doing, I just try to suppress it. 

Instead of feeding my soul, I just try to starve my flesh. 

But here’s the thing: why continue to fight this endless battle when Jesus said “it is finished?” 

Instead of telling myself “don’t do this,” I want to have the mind of Christ and think, “I don’t want to do this.” I want to continue speaking truth into my life!

I feel that many Christians function under this mentality and I’m obviously guilty of it as well.

We say we can’t do this or that, but do we actually not want to do it? Or are we just suppressing our flesh to be good?

Let’s change it up a bit, then, shall we? Let’s actually let God change the way we think. Then it won’t be about works. It’ll be about our faith in Christ and his peace which will guard our hearts and minds.


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