Great Are You Lord

In Your steadfast love, we are overcome. Through Your endless grace, You have made a way. So we lift our song—shout it from our lungs. All Your ways are true, there is none like You.

Great are You Lord!

A long time ago God placed it on my heart to start hosting worship nights at my house. I even had a few people prophecy this over me, but I neglected to do it for a while and made a bunch of excuses as to why I couldn’t. But then I finally got out of my small yet comfortable boat and started it. I followed Jesus ontop of the rolling waves.

And it’s been such a blessing.

Tonight we worshiped to a song called “Great Are You Lord” by David Leach, and I absolutely love this song. As you can see from some of the lyrics above, it’s just so raw and beautiful—a sweet declaration of who God is and what he’s done.

There’s truly no one like our God!

I highly recommend listening to it, and I hope it brings truth and light to your life as it has done for mine!

Great are you Lord!


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