Cats and Gifts: aka random thoughts by Ben Byler

I fiddled with writing a post before work tonight, but it never played out. It was going to be deep and thoughtful and reflective and any other synonyms to the above words. But alas, that did not happen.

So here we are, instead, with late night thoughts from Ben Byler. 


For the past five minutes I just stood in the hallway holding my cat. (Call me a crazy cat man, I don’t mind. He’s just too cute.) 

The thing is, though, I regret doing this because now that I’ve reclined to my room, he’s scratching on the door. And Great Scott! It sounds like he’s almost figured the handle out.

Suffice it to say: cats are quite spectacular. 

Those are my thoughts for the evening. 

Oh, and perhaps there’s one more thing: God’s really good, too. I’m beyond thrilled for what he’s doing right now. It feels like Christmas and I’m simply unwrapping the gifts he’s pouring into my life.

Thank you Jesus! 


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