God’s Promises and Words never fail

My promises are nothing

Compared to yours, O Lord!

I say, “I will do this,” but never do it

But not you, the One whom I trust!

You say, “I will live among you,”

And you do.

You say, “I will keep my word,”

And your promises hold true

Your words become life to my dead bones!

They are sweet songs to my deaf ears.

Who else is like you? Who else can say, “I will redeem you. My promises will surpass your weaknesses!”?

Only the Lord can do this

Only Jesus, the spotless lamb

Can make right what I have made wrong

How beautiful are these truths! 

May I hide them forever in my heart

And cherish this undeserving grace!


6 thoughts on “God’s Promises and Words never fail”

  1. This hit me so deeply I can’t even explain it. It’s such a lovely poem, and I stand in awe of our awesome God. We come to Him empty, with nothing to give, yet He loves us all the more.

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