Gratitude vs Attitude 

Earlier this evening I sat in a large auditorium and listened to some of the best high school orchestra music out there. 

I was content for the most part until a small thought crept into my mind.

I wish I could have done this.

The thought caught me off guard. It tasted bitter, and I’m glad I noticed its venom immediately. (It pays off to have the mind of Christ ever so growing in my mind.)

Basically, I was discontent. I was ungrateful.

It seemed like a harmless idea, right? Some wishful thinking couldn’t be too bad for the soul…

But it was. In that moment my whole life kind of became clouded for a second, and suddenly I felt as though I could point to a million reasons as to why I had the right to be upset.

That’s the dangerous part about being discontent: you can always find something to complain about.

But on the flip side, the same goes with gratitude: there’s always something to be thankful for.

Isn’t that interesting? That two completely opposing ideas can be found everywhere? There’s no end to them.

But that’s where I was this evening, lost in these thoughts about being grateful and being discontent. Thankfully, God reminded me of all that he’s done in my life, and when I really think about it, I have no reason to complain.

I’m so thankful for the life I’ve lived, and for the life I’m living.


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