With Bob all along

Tonight I met Bob.

Bob’s homeless. He smokes and drinks and is homeless because of it. But he’s out in the cold trying to make some money in order to get back to Pittsburgh to find some  family he knows.

And God loves him.

He found me and my brother doing night photography in the city and asked what we were up to.

At first I was slightly cautious, because…

Homeless person with drinking problems + kid with nice camera usually  = kid – nice camera and homeless person + nice camera

But then the Holy Spirit reminded me of the peace that Jesus gives and I felt completely comfortable talking to him.

So we struck up a conversation about photography and eventually moved on to his life and what it was like on the streets. I asked what would really help homeless people and he said to give them food cards and not money because with money you can buy drugs and get drunk from purchasing alcohol.

He said he was guilty of this sometimes.

But God still loves him.

We kept walking and talking and taking pictures of the city. He kept pointing at the governor’s house. (That’s what he called the capital.)

Down with the government, he said. Curse the governor. If he wasn’t homeless, he’d have made a great sailor.

He liked construction, though.

I told him I was a Christian and loved Jesus. I asked if there was anything specific I could pray for him about, any sickness or trouble he was having other than living on the streets. He said no, but gladly welcomed prayer in general.

So I prayed for him. I was filled with God’s love and simply blessed him. This dude wasn’t perfect. Bob wasn’t just sort of bad—he was homeless because of his drinking problem. He was technically terrible.

But guess what’s beautiful?

God loves Bob either way. It doesn’t matter what Bob did or didn’t do. It doesn’t matter whether he was the kindest man in the world.

Bob’s amazing because Jesus loves him and died for him.

And that’s what I prayed for. I prayed that that truth would rush into Bob’s heart and he would begin to know God.

Because when he searches for God, he’ll find God, and he’ll realize something amazing:

God was with him all along.


2 thoughts on “With Bob all along”

  1. This is so amazing! It’s incredible to see how God loves so many people through you, and how He empowers you to reach out to those who need hope. Indeed, God is always with us, and He seeks to bring even people like Bob to Himself, so that they too might experience His everlasting love. Amen!

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