It’s so easy to forget about what’s important. I keep remembering and forgetting. Over and over again.

I’m like the Israelites or Jesus’ first disciples. They always remembered and forgot who they were and who God was.

Eventually the disciples seemed to remember more than they forgot, so there’s hope. And that’s what I’m after now. I need the Holy Spirit to constantly remind me who God is and who I am. 

Every day.

Every hour.

Every second.

Perhaps you’re in the same boat I’m in; I’m sure there are others that feel like this. 

Because it’s hard to see the ones on fire flicker at times and become dim, but all it takes is a gentle gust of wind to stir the true longings of the heart and awaken who we really are. 

Holy Spirit, come. Fill me with Truth and help me to never forget the one who set me free. 


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