The Body of Christ

When the body of Christ, the church, settles down and stops moving, she loses her energy and flexibility. Instead of being fit and healthy, she becomes overweight, bearing unecessary burdens. Her heart beats less and less, and the love that once flowed through her veins becomes scarce. 

So perhaps then she was always meant to move, to jump at the opportunity to help others, run towards the broken, stretch her hand to feed the hungry, and move steadily to set the captives free. She was meant to feel sore at times, meant to build strength and endurance. 

But in order to do all this, she has to move. She has to stand up and walk outside the church doors. Because who said a church was a still building that didn’t move? And who said Jesus started a religion full of comfort and institution? No, he started a movement, one that was constantly on the go and started by a founder who had no place to rest his head on this earth (Luke 9:58).

The bride must open her eyes, then, and find her true calling again. She must stretch herself and run the race prepared for her, one she ran well long ago. No more boxes and walls, for they only make her lazy and full of excuses. 

Now she only has one narrow path to stride upon, and one groom to follow. 

It’s about time we get back into shape.


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