The Narrow Road #4

Busyness has got to be one of the biggest obstacles to walking this narrow road. It slows me down and distracts me from my mission.

Unlike certain enemies on this journey, busyness stops me from moving forward. Instead, it shows me all these other narrow paths, all these other great roads, but they’re not my own. God’s given me Jesus to follow and the Holy Spirit to urge me on. And while all Christians follow Jesus, each of our paths are different. Peter wasn’t Paul, and they didn’t do exactly the same things. Likewise, I can’t do it all in order to complete a little. But when I do, it stalls my mission.

Sometimes I get locked in participating with so much. Or at least I used to. Nowadays I’m focusing on cutting back, and learning to say “no” in order to say “yes” to something simpler and greater. 

You’ll never know what it feels like to have so much until you let go. That’s my mission. I want to continue following Jesus, giving all that I have, which is simple but hard. When I get too busy, life becomes complicated and easy. That’s the trade off, every time. So how can I simplify my life today? And how can I remember to keep love at the center of it all? Perhaps that’s for another blog post.


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